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We launched MTB51 out of our passion for the sport of mountain biking. Our goal is to help promote and expand the sport of mountain biking by providing space for mountain bikers to network together to contribute their knowledge and experiences to help others grow in the sport. Our space is open to riders of all abilities, from racers to beginners, from hardcore to casual riders.

MTB51 is a social sharing site that encourages sharing experiences, feedback, and information that is useful for others to grow in the sport. We have no desire to be another vanity social site where all people share is useless stuff about themselves. Really, does anyone care what you had for supper last night, or whether or not your favorite sports team won? Or dream is to promote a kind of social sharing that brings mountain bikers together where all of us benefit, learn, and grow in the sport.

The essence of "51" is that we come to see ourselves as contributors rather than merely consumers and to see how what we share enriches a community. As we contribute to community we also benefit from it. "51" is a reminder that just as others are contributing to a community from which we benefit so too should we be contributing so that others can benefit from what we have to offer.

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