Mountain biking is an extreme and dangerous sport. The mountain bike trails listed on GEAR.ONE are for reference purposes only. It is your responsibility to always take safety precautions and to ride within your own limits. GEAR.ONE does not guarantee that any information about the trails listed here is accurate. The information is submitted by our community of users, and while we certainly encourage our users to be accurate, we have no way of verifying all the information that is posted on the site. 

It is your responsibility to ride within your limits and to ride on those trails that are appropriate to your skill level. To help you better gauge the relative difficulty of a trail, we have chosen a color-coded scheme that is similar to Alpine skiing. Green denotes easy trails, blue is for intermediate, and black marks advanced trails. Please understand that these ratings are relative. What for one rider might be an intermediate trail is for another a very advanced trail. This is why we encourage our users to rate individual trails. When we all take a few moments to post detailed ratings, it helps everyone make informed decisions about a trail before they get to the trailhead. 

Please be safe and always ride responsibly. 

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