Disclosure (How We're Funded)

We're glad that you're enjoying the cool stuff here. To help us keep access completely free, we want you to know that we may receive compensation from some of the links on this site. If you click on an external link or ad and then buy something from that site, we may receive a small commission.

Affiliate? Referral fees? Commissions if I click and buy? Sounds a little shady...

It's really not shady at all. The short of it is that some of the links and, of course, the ads on our site are affiliate links. All that means is that if you click on a link and purchase something from the site the link takes you to, we may receive a small commission from that company. The commission is like a referral fee for sending a customer to them.

Supporting us in this way costs you nothing!

The commission that we receive from a click and purchase comes from the company, not from you. There are no extra costs that are passed on to you. So by purchasing through one of our links you are actually supporting us in a way that costs you nothing! You know you're going to buy new cool bike gear anyway, right? All it takes is a click to support us and keep our online community free for everyone.

Transparent, Open, Free

The bottom line is that we want to be transparent to our community and our visitors about how we are funded. It is one of our core values that access to our site will always be open and free. The modest amount of revenue that we generate through ads and affiliate links is all that we hope to need to keep the site going. Also, we hope that the links we place are even beneficial to our community, since we try to place links and ads that promote sales and discounts. We'd love to feel that the buck or two that we receive from a commission also helped you save some bucks on that new upgrade for your bike.

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