Belief in Yourself


Picture this ... you are a small child once again ... and somebody asks you if you want to try out this Rrrreally cool new game. What are you going to say?. Without a moment's hesitation, I'm betting you said, "let's do it!". You didn't even know what it was, but you were confident you could handle it and would like it. Now, I know you didn't like everything you did as a child, but I'm guessing you were pretty confident you could handle everything you did, or at the very least would try your best.

Okay, now let me propose something to you as you are now ... ... ... did you already say no?.? Could you already hear a voice in your head going, "oh, boy!"?.? For "tall and strong" adults "who can do anything in the world we set our minds to," we start backing out of things pretty darn quickly. I didn't even say what I was going to propose you do. Where did we lose that belief in ourselves?! Where did we lose that curiosity that propelled our growth as human beings?!

I remember learning how to ride a bike quite vividly. Why? Because it was the first thing that I was better than my older sister at, and I was proud of that fact. It started off with training wheels, which I was not very good at. My dad would push me and push me and I would still find a way to hit the ground. Eventually, one of the wrecks ended up in losing a training wheel. At this point, my dad (either because it was easier or because he was curious) removed the other training wheel, knowing full well that I still couldn't ride with them. I wasn't a chicken though. I knew if I mastered this before my older sister I would be causing waves. My dad helped me get on the bike, pushed me off, and off I went. I did it. I could ride a bike. Now this isn't to say that I knew how to brake (because I had never made it that far), but I did it. I could ride a bike. After that, I was riding all of the time: around the yard, to and from Grandmother's house (which you can read more about hear "My Clash with Mountain Biking Article,") and everywhere else that my mom could see from our front yard. I was as confident and proud as I could possibly be.

Where did the boy who was ready to conquer the world go? Did his confidence gradually fade away as he learned about the complexities of life and how some things "weren't that simple"?. I'm betting that boy is still there ... buried underneath a sea of troubles, chained, and masked. I bet that boy isn't giving up! He doesn't know how to! He is still trying his best at everything, believing in himself.

We can't ignore life and all of it's complexities, true. We can, however, ignore all of the voices saying that we "can't," all of the voices saying that we don't have what it takes.

Even if it is pretending at first, you will find the kid in you again if you keep at it. She/he will break those chains, rip that mask off, and toss the sea of troubles aside. Fearless, brave, and full of confidence, you will be king/queen of the world again. You can do this!

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