Why Use A Dropper Seatpost?

A dropper seat post has more functionality than just for downhills. Here are a few tips for using it effectively!
Have you considered adding a dropper seat post to your metal stallion? These are a few benefits of adding one!
The most functional use for a dropper seatpost is for downhill runs. Lowering your center of gravity and allowing you to control your movements easier as you descend at rapid speeds. Not only does it help your balance, but it keeps you from being bucked off of your bike when going over rocks, berms and rises. This protects you from having an "endo" (a crash where you go over the handlebars).
When riding through areas of the trail that are downhill, flowy, or technical dropping the seat can maximize your control.   Lowering the seat allows you to be off of your saddle and adjust your body, without being tossed around, to maximize traction in loose and technical areas.
Maximize Body Movement
As stated in the 2nd point, lowering the saddle can give you better balance and more control. The control/balance comes from being able to maneuver your weight better with your legs. When your saddle is up you have less balance and control. Lowering the saddle allows your balance to be on your legs. Bending your knees will also give you that extra edge!
Can Give You The Edge in Technical Areas
Pros: - Faster - Sealed from the elements - Tighter routing Cons: - More complicated to fix if something goes wrong - Requires a special bleed kit to fix - Pricier
Pros: - Easier to fix - No extra tools - Typically cheaper Cons: - Exposed to the elements - Can get dirt into the system - Not normally as smooth
Hydraulic or Mechanical?
These companies offer multiple options and prices for dropper seatposts.         There are other companies that offer dropper seatposts as well.
You can add another point here without cluttering your design.
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Companies Offering Dropper Seatposts
A dropper seatpost can be a lifesaver, literally, and can be very beneficial to creating a more enjoyable experience when riding!
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