Why Adventure Sports, Why I Bike


​Adventure Sports have helped to shape me into a more confident person, better leader, and healthier person all around. I have always been an adventure sport enthusiast my entire life and will continue to be; mountain biking has definitely found a spot in my list of favorite hobbies and forms of exercise in the past few years. In my early teens I came to love rock climbing and backpacking. The thrill, rewards, challenge, and personal growth that came from these activities were irreplaceable in my life. I found a sense of finding myself in these activities and always return to them throughout the year for self-reflection and improvement.

Adventure sports tend to bring out a side in me that allows me to refocus and see the big picture. When I get stuck in a routine in life and stay in one place for a while I begin to fall into the pompous and materialistic ways of our time. Getting away on a day trip (or even an afternoon) will help tremendously to keep me going. Biking works well in these aspects whether I get an hour on a road bike, an afternoon at the local mountain biking trail, or a full day off to a trail a couple of hours away these all seem to help me refocus and get the self-reflection time I need. By self-reflection I do not mean sitting down and meditating, although that can be great at times, I mean getting out and really challenging myself and focusing on the trail, my breathe, the next hill, or the next tight switchback. These help get my mind off of the stresses, materialism, and craziness of the day or week. This helps me to refocus, gather my thoughts, and figure out what exactly is important to me, without all of the extra distraction.

There are always rewards when participating in adventure sports!When I am backpacking the rewards are breathtaking views, beautiful nature, unique landscapes, and personal achievement. 

When rock climbing I work to tackle both my fear, the physical challenge, and each unique problem that every route provides. Climbing truly tests you in many ways like; your problem solving skills, your ability to make quick and essential decisions (that could have major consequences), your physical strengths, coordination, and ability to control distinct body movements in high stress moments.

Kayaking is a mental test and a physical test as well, going into rapids of any class can be intimidating, staying focused and committing to the route you set takes guts. The rewards of these sports are incredible and helped to make me a healthier and better person in my day-to-day life. 

Mountain biking came into my life a little bit later than the other hobbies, but has taken a high seat on the totem poll of activities for me. It is intense, challenging, focus driven, and rewarding. I enjoy hobbies, activities, and sports that offer a sense of personal growth and achievement. Mountain biking offers an avenue for finding yourself in nature in ways and places you may have never foreseen. The connection can be spiritual at times and leave you forever changed. If you are a beginner or a veteran rider you can find a sense of a "Zen" like experience through mountain biking. These rewards and personal achievements stir something within you and provide new avenues for taking on life's biggest challenges.

Mountain biking is not your typical sport or the first thing that comes to mind when you think of exercise, so why do you bike? Is it the idea of loving a sport that is not exactly "mainstream"? The need for a healthier lifestyle choice? Maybe you love the outdoors and want a to exercise in nature? Whatever your reasoning for joining the sport was I hope that you continue to form new reasoning behind why you continue to bike in the future! 

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